Falling in Love


Our newest little “monkey,” Owen.

I am smitten.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m on that rather silly reality TV show where one single woman (or man) has the opportunity to pick from 10 potential candidates as a boyfriend or girlfriend and potential spouse. When I’ve watched those shows in the past, I’ve always wondered how the woman or man can feel good about themselves as they dangle three or four beaus at one time, including kisses (and more).

We were recently blessed to visit all four grandsons in the space of nine days. That’s why I feel as if I am dating four boys at one time: when I am with one, I feel absolutely captivated and in love with the one I’m with, and then when I move on and have opportunity to spend time with the next one, I’m just as enthralled and head over heels.

If you follow my newspaper column, you know I’m a relatively new grandmother and now have four little grandsons, the newest just born at the end of July. What amazing gifts! What marvels of God’s creation! How lucky we are to even have one child or grandchild!

I’ve always adored little boys—in a healthy way. When I used to teach little ones in Bible school or Sunday school, it was the boys who would steal my heart.


Michelle, Tanya, and Doreen

So what did my husband and I have when we started our family? Three adorable, beautiful little girls. At one point they were ages five, three, and one, and just that cute. I felt in love with my little girls as well and never looked back about the missing gender in our family—husband supplied plenty of machismo for our household! We both happily adjusted to raising girls, and now of course wouldn’t have had it any other way.

So how did the gender god slide four little males our way??? I don’t know, but I’m not complaining, and they each already have their own personality, cuteness, and charm.

The older two, both going on three years, are into running, playing various kinds of ball, listening to stories, drawing pictures, jabbering, helping cook, helping out with younger brothers, and enjoying construction toys and trains.

The younger two are doing what seven- and one-month-olds do best: be adorable, cry, eat, and yes, fill diapers.

I feel guilty even writing this love sonnet in prose, knowing quite well how long and how hard some struggle to have any child or grandchild.

Each child is a gift. My heart hurts knowing how many children are not received that way: the orphans, the refugee children in war zones, those children born to parents who don’t have enough to feed their little ones, or even those lost before they’re born.

How blessed are children born into a happy home with families to love and nourish them not only with food, but also good books, dedicated care, and appropriate attention.

My heart overflows with love and gratefulness.


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