Why are Mennonites and Anabaptists neither Catholic nor Protestant?

Where are Mennonites located throughout the world?

What do Mennonites believe about speaking to government and involvement in politics?

What are the origins of Hispanic Mennonites in North America?

What about Old Orders, Hutterites, Conservatives, River Brethren and Others?

Can you help me trace my family tree?

Do Mennonites have their own schools?

Which states and provinces have the most Mennonites?

Where is the closest Mennonite church?

Why are Mennonites frequently involved in service?

What do Mennonites mean by “community”?

What is the role of women in leadership in the Mennonite Church?

Are all Mennonites good singers?

What is worship like in a Mennonite church?

African-American Mennonite History

Could you tell me a little about Mennonite culture?

What do Mennonites believe about participating in war?

What do Mennonites believe about death and dying?

What do Mennonites believe about the Bible?

What are the basic Mennonite beliefs?

Do all Mennonites live on farms?

What’s the difference between Mennonites and Amish?

What is the relationship between the terms “Anabaptist” and “Mennonite?”

How did the Mennonite Church begin?

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Answers to these questions (and even the questions themselves) come from a North American perspective on Mennonites. For instance, the answer to “What do Mennonites wear?” is different in the U.S. than in Africa. And while Mennonites mostly agree on key points, the denomination is not structured with an overall authority (other than Jesus). So Mennonites practice their beliefs in different ways. Mennonites in other parts of the world, as well as in North America, express their faith in different styles of worship and living. The best way to learn about Mennonites is to check out a congregation near you and get to know them.

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