What are the basic Mennonite beliefs?

Highlights from the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective adopted by the Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church in 1995:

  • We believe that God exists and that God became flesh through Jesus Christ who is the Savior of the world. We believe in the Holy Spirit and that all Scripture is inspired by God through the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that God created the world and that God created human beings in God’s image. We believe that humanity has sinned but that through Jesus, God offers salvation and a new way of life.
  • We believe that the church is the assembly of those who have accepted salvation through faith in Jesus and that the church’s mission is to proclaim the kingdom of God and to make disciples.
  • We believe that baptism of believers with water is a sign of cleansing from sin and a pledge to walk in Jesus’ way. We believe that the Lord’s Supper (Communion) is a sign by which the church remembers the new covenant which Jesus established by his death. We believe that in washing the feet of his disciples Jesus calls us to serve one another in love as he did. We practice discipline in the church as a sign of God’s offer of transforming grace.
  • We believe that ministry is a continuation of the work of Christ. We believe that the church of Jesus Christ is one body with many members and that Jesus calls us to discipleship, to take up our cross and follow him.
  • We believe that to be a disciple of Jesus is to know life in the Spirit. We believe that God intends human life to begin in families and to be blessed through families. Even more, God desires all people to become part of the church, God’s family. We are called to chastity and to loving faithfulness in marriage.
  • We are committed to telling the truth, to avoid the swearing of oaths, to live in faithful stewardship of all that God has given us. We believe that peace is the will of God and that led by the Holy Spirit, we follow Christ in the way of peace, doing justice, bringing reconciliation, and practicing nonresistance, even in the face of violence and warfare.
  • We believe that the church is God’s holy nation. We place our hope in the reign of God and its fulfillment in the day when Christ will come again.

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