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Jesus is the center of our faith. Jesus is known through the Bible, but truly understood only by following him. Jesus is known by the people of faith we meet, by joining with others in hearing his words and seeing his life. Jesus is known in the heart; Jesus is known in our actions. We never experience all there is to know of Jesus, so these pages reflect that mystery. Both art and theology endeavor to translate the intangible into the tangible. When they work together, they come much closer to that goal than either could do separately.

Jesus Matters

Writers in the book Jesus Matters (edited by David Shenk and James Krabill) asked the question “Does Jesus … have any relevance to our modern situation…?JesusMatters

  • Jesus Matters!
    “What is the meaning of life?” I recently asked a small cluster of Chinese university administrators and professors in Shanghai over a dinner meeting.
  • What a Trend We Have in Jesus
    There is virtually no area of pop culture that remains untouched by the Jesus factor, from the music scene and the sports world to tattoo art and the fashion industry with its popular line of T-shirts (one website——offers 129,000 designs) and bling-bling jewelry.
  • Jesus Calls: Believe in Me and Follow
    Again and again throughout his public ministry, Jesus called people to follow him.
  • Spiritual Autobiographies
    Students at Lancaster Mennonite High School in Lancaster, PA were asked to write a spiritual autobiography as part of an assignment for a class as they ended their senior year of high school.  One of the questions for them to consider was who Jesus was to them.

Words about Jesus

  • Jesus I.D.
    Who is Jesus? Who was the historic Jesus? Some answers to these questions, as well as an outline of key events in Jesus’ life.
  • Key Teachings
    Lists verses detailing some of the most important things Jesus taught.
  • Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
    Explores the situation that led to Jesus ’ death, and the significance of the event that followed.
  • Is Jesus Unique?
    Compares Jesus to founders of other religions, and discusses the place of Christianity in the world today.
  • Jesus Through Other Lenses
    Hear from a number of theologians and thinkers on the subject of Jesus.
  • Following Jesus
    What does it mean, then, to follow Jesus? More quotes and advice.

Seeing JesusJesusPagesImage2

When you think of Jesus Christ, who do you see? Have you ever asked yourself why? This isn’t a traditional or even a historical look, but more of a way of thinking. A realization that we can see and meet Jesus in each other, in ourselves — every day of the week. Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged.

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