What about Old Orders, Hutterites, Conservatives, River Brethren and Others?

Churches or denominational groupings arising out of the Anabaptist stream of faith exist across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. There are about 60 separate, organized groups known by a variety of names. Many times these are all lumped together as “Mennonite” or “Amish.” Even though they are loosely related as cousins in the faith, stem from Anabaptist roots, and share much in common in their faith, their practices or specific beliefs are widely different. Therefore, if you visit or become acquainted with persons from one group, don’t assume they are the same as the next group you encounter. This website springs from the Mennonite Church USA/Canada tradition and only attempts to explain in-depth beliefs from this context.

Some of these groups in North America, with approximate number of congregations and websites in 2015 (official or unofficial, if available) are listed below. More information on a group can be obtained from its website and the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.

Mennonite Church USA (formerly Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church) – 843

Mennonite Church Canada (formerly Mennonite Church and General Conference Mennonite Church) – 225

Mennonite Brethren (U.S.) – 200

Mennonite Brethren (Canada) – 256

Brethren in Christ Churches in the US – 244

Brethren in Christ Churches in Canada – 59

Old Order Amish (Districts) – 2,119 (Districts rather than churches or congregations in U.S. and Ontario, Canada)

Old Order Mennonites – (Among these, there are further sub-groups such as Groffdale Conference, Weaverland, Stauffer, Wisler, Markham-Waterloo, Orthodox, David Martin, and many more. These groups do not have websites)

Church of God in Christ Mennonite, sometimes called Holdeman – 188

Conservative Mennonite Conference – 109

Beachy Amish – 165
http://www.beachyam.org/ (Unofficial)

Evangelical Mennonite Conference (Canada) – 62

Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference (Canada) – 20

Christian Mennonite Conference (Canada) – 10

New Order Amish – 60
No website

Berea Amish Mennonite Fellowship – 10
No website

Bethel Fellowship – 19
No website

Conservative Mennonite Church of Ontario – 14
No website

Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church – 87
No website

Keystone Mennonite Fellowship – 26
No website

Maranatha Amish mennonite Churches – 15
No website

Mennonite Christian Fellowship – 25
No Website

Midwest Mennonite Fellowship – 36
No website

Nationwide Fellowship Churches – 87

Pilgrim Mennonite Conference – 22

Southeastern Mennonite Conference – 17
No website

Old Colony Mennonites – 21

Old Order River Brethren – 5

Reformed Mennonite Church – 9

Reinland Mennonites – 7

Sommerfelder Mennonites – 13

The Hutterites and Church of the Brethren are two additional significant denominational groupings which spring from the Anabaptist beginnings. See
http://www.hutterites.org/ and http://www.brethren.org/