Do all Mennonites live on farms?

Mennonites today live almost anywhere; very few live on the farm (not including Amish and Old Order Mennonites). Most wouldn’t begin to know how to milk a cow or hitch up a buggy.

So what does it mean to be a Mennonite in New York City, Toronto, or Los Angeles?

  • Struggling with high prices and in many cases two-wage-earner families
  • Juggling the demands of professions like lawyers, doctors, engineering, and business owners, with faith and following Jesus
  • Looking for ways to relate and reach out to persons around them, whether they are Wall Street brokers, addicts, artists, or Hollywood actors

The best way to shatter any remaining stereotypes about Mennonites is to visit or become acquainted with a Mennonite church. You can have a “virtual” visit through many church websites. Use our church finder to find Mennonite churches in specific locations in the United States and Canada.