Many modern Mennonite churches observe the four week Advent season of watching and waiting expectantly for Christ in some way. Because the Mennonite church isn’t a liturgical one, each church celebrates in whatever way it prefers. Events can range from reserving a few moments in the worship service for lighting the Advent wreath candles to entire Sunday mornings being organized around the theme. Each year, Mennonite Publishing Network publishes a suggested program for the Advent season, with a theme which carries throughout, and interested churches can choose how much of that program to incorporate into Sunday morning services. At home, many Mennonites will also have an Advent wreath, or perhaps an Advent calendar for the children. Old Order and more conservative Mennonites generally don’t observe Advent.

During the holiday season, most churches will plan some kind of evening Christmas program, and will generally put up Christmas decorations, though again, each church chooses how much or how little to do. Decorations are usually fairly simple, but might include banners, candles, greenery, and a Christmas tree. Many churches also like to organize charity work during the season.