Church and state (separation)

Mennonites believe that as Christians we are to respect those in authority and to pray for all people, including those in government, that they may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.  We may participate in government or other institutions of society only in ways that do not violate the love and holiness taught by Christ and do not compromise our loyalty to Christ.  On a variety of political and social issues, individual Christians need the church to help them discern how to make decisions.

The church asks questions such as these:  Will this participation in the government or in other institutions of society enable us to be ambassadors of Christ’s reconciliation?  Or will such involvement violate our commitment to the way of Christ and compromise our loyalty to Christ? We ask these questions when we confront issues of military service, office holding, government employment, voting, taxes, participating in the economic system, using the secular courts, pledging allegiance, public and private schooling, and seeking to influence legislation. If there is a conflict, then we are asked not to participate.