Creationism and evolution

From Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective:

We believe that God has created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and that God preserves and renews what has been made. All creation ultimately has its source outside itself and belongs to the Creator …We believe that the universe has been called into being as an expression of God’s love and sovereign freedom alone …We acknowledge that God sustains creation in both continuity and change … “

In the “commentary” section for this article there is the following statement:

Because God works in ever new and surprising ways, creation is open to change. God works to bring newness into creation for the sake of the covenant people and for all. When we confess that God is the Creator of the universe, we reject the idea that the world came into being without God. Nor do we accept the view that God made the world out of something which had existed before the time of creation or that matter is co-eternal with God. Scripture is clear that God was before anything else existed.

Current Mennonite beliefs:

The Confession quoted above does not take a position on the age of the universe, nor does it support a particular mode of creation. Mennonites today show some variation in the details of what they believe, but there would be virtual unanimity in affirming that the created world is in both intricacy and grandeur the unfathomably great work of a God whose care for all creation endures to the end of time.