German (use of language)

Due to immigration from Mennonite colonies from Mexico and Latin America to Canada, there are increasing numbers of Mennonites in Canada who use Plattdeutsch as their primary language of communication. The Bible is normally read in German (High) but many have only a very limited German vocabulary. Other than Bible reading, the church service will be held in Low German. For this reason, the Bible has recently been translated in Low German by the United Bible Society.

The numbers of people who speak Low German in various countries include:

  • Germany – 200,000
  • Russia and Kazakhstan – 100,000
  • Canada – 90,000
  • Mexico – 50,000
  • Bolivia – 50,000
  • Paraguay – 38,000
  • USA -10,000
  • Belize – 6,000
  • Brazil – 6,000