Mennonites believe that Christians who have received Jesus Christ into their lives as Lord and Savior will go to heaven and that believers can have confidence in that fact. Christians must continue to confess their sins to Jesus or God, in order to present themselves to God without sin in their lives. God also wants believers to live a life following Jesus’ footsteps to the best of their ability, so practicing Christian faith in life is important.

Mennonites believe and look forward to the coming of a new heaven and earth. They believe that the church is called to live now under the rule of God as a witness to the future reign of God. The life of Christians together now is to be patterned after their life together in the age to come. This means that the reign of God is relevant to this world and the ethics of God’s rule should not be postponed to some future time. Mennonites recognize that the church is not identical to the reign of God but it is a goal toward which it should strive.