Second work of grace

The “second blessing” usually refers to the “second work of grace.” There are some groups that believe that you receive grace when you are saved but then there needs to be a “second work” that is usually associated with receiving the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. There are some groups in the Anabaptist family that follow this teaching. A term that is often used today for persons who follow that teaching is “charismatics.” Mennonites tend to believe that earnest repentance belongs to the beginning of the saving process and good works continue it. Growth through grace is shown in these various ways:

  • To desire what God wants one to do continually.
  • To read and meditate frequently on Scriptures.
  • To pray at all times, not only about needs, but praising and thanking God as well.
  • To look to the Lord for open doors to share salvation with others.
  • To fellowship with other believers.
  • To join in public worship services.
  • To promptly reject those influences of the world, human nature, and the devil which tempt us to think or do what we know God is against.
  • To daily hank God for calling us into the kingdom, for giving us many blessings, and for continuing to forgive our sins and shortcomings.
  • To practice faithful, sacrificial, and generous stewardship – giving our money, time, and energy for God’s sake.
  • To do good in every way possible – showing kindness to the miserable, forgiving those difficult to be with, and witnessing to those who can do something about the injustices in our society.
  • To live a well-managed life, with proper balance between work, rest, recreation, suitable eating habits.
  • To trust God continually for safekeeping and for leading us in service.

These are evidences of God’s continuing work of grace in our lives, whether called “second” or not.