Matthew Kauffman Smith’s First Annual National Mid-Year Music Award Day

Making Up Reasons to Celebrate

Anyone or anything can achieve some level of fame these days just by pronouncing something as important. This past week, ESPNheld the ESPYAwards, which are suddenly important because ESPNtold us it was (and aired the ceremonies, of course). And did you know that last week you missed Don’t Step on a Bee Day and Cow Appreciation Day (conveniently promoted by chicken sandwich chain Chick-fil-A)? Today, July 18, is National Caviar Day. The glass-is-half-empty guy inside of me says these are shameless, bogus events. The glass-is-half-full guy inside of me says we don’t celebrate enough so we might as well make up reasons to be happy. Why not relax on July 22 and celebrate National Hammock Day?

In honor of the release of his latest album, Mandatory Fun, this week, the weird one is releasing a new video each day. Half way through this experiment, those videos have combined for nearly 15,000,000 views.