Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

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March 6, 2015 Jerry L. Holsopple

This is the first all-banjo album to be added to my collection, and a marvelous addition it is.

Taking a Positive Role in Our Parents’ Last Years

March 5, 2015 Lauree Purcell

When my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009 I wanted to have more time with my parents, to form a closer friendship before it was too late.

Responding to Violence with Violence

February 27, 2015 Third Way

It is too easy to jump from beheadings to a justification of U.S. military actions against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

Still Alice

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Watching Moore forget a dinner date in her early stages, making a video for her future self to find one day, or struggling to locate the bathroom in her vacation home, we see how the disease plays out.

Today is a Gift

February 26, 2015 Melodie Davis

I remember telling Sharon that the odds were not good but doing nothing meant zero percent chance of survival.;;

Kingsman: The Secret Service

February 20, 2015 Michelle D. Sinclair

No matter how crisp the writing or engaging the characters, the nauseating array of severed limbs and broken necks drain the movie of all the joy it works so hard to supply.

Snow Expectations

February 19, 2015 Jodi Nisly Hertzler

January and February, bleak and never-ending months of dullness and torpidity, need snow days like bran muffins need chocolate chips.

A Most Violent Year

February 13, 2015 Vic Thiessen

Instead of films that provide character studies of snipers who lose their humanity but are depicted as heroes, let’s watch character studies that make us think deeply about what it means to be an honorable person.

In the Grip of Denial

February 13, 2015 Third Way

The vote on the Senate floor last month was a first step. Still, too many members of Congress are content to deny the impact of human activity on our climate and do nothing.

My Father and the Mennonite Community Cookbook

February 12, 2015 Melodie Davis

Mom pointed out to me that she had jotted her own inscription in the book “A gift for my 27th birthday from my husband.”