Mennonites Resources

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Below are some additional resources to learn more about what Mennonites believe and how they practice their faith.



  • Church Matters podcasts, 15 minutes each, are produced monthly on a variety of topics. They are hosted by Mennonite Church Canada.


  • Wikipedia: A perspective on Mennonites and Anabaptism from a resource not associated with the Mennonite church.
  • Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia: The Mennonite Encyclopedia, updated and expanded online.
  • Mennonite Church USA: The denomination’s website includes a short “Who we are” section along with a list of Mennonite churches and publications, staff, and more.
  • Mennonite Church Canada: The denomination’s website includes links to CommonWord, a bookstore and resource center for Anabaptist resources in Canada.
  • Mennonite History: This website offers useful links and a short explanation of Mennonite history and philosophy.
  • Mennonite Central Committee: This inter-Mennonite organization is dedicated to worldwide relief and development. Its website introduces MCC programs and the general purpose of the organization.
  • Mennonite Creation Care Network: Provides an overview of Mennonite views on the environment and sustainability along with current stories about what Mennonite organizations are doing to promote sustainability today.


Pamphlets and brochures:

  • What Is an Anabaptist Christian? by Palmer Becker (2009)
    • Also available here as a curriculum in English and the pamphlet is available in 10 languages as a download.
  • What Makes a Mennonite is available in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Chin, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hmong (all downloadable).
  • Who Are the Mennonites? brochure is for education in a congregation or a simple way to learn more about Mennonites.

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