Peacebuilding on the Prairies

Raise The Peace

Last summer a four-day youth peace camp was held in Saskatoon. Community engagement coordinators, with the help of Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan (MCCS) summer staff Charis Miller & Rachel Bueckert set up a four day youth camp August 17-20, 2014. Charis and Rachel wrote the following reflections following the camp.

As summer staff, part of our job was planning and implementing a peace camp titled “Raise the Peace” in the Meadowgreen area of Saskatoon.This area is home to many newcomer families from about 20 different nations. The focus of the camp was peacebuilding and restorative justice, with a specific emphasis on using spoken word (expressive poetry) as a tool for opening discussion on issues of conflict. This allowed youth to give voice to their own experiences of conflict, as well as finding healthy ways to deal with it.RaiseThePeace-sign-2014-08-18

The facilitator for the camp, Lishai Peel, came from Toronto and had a way of helping the youth take off their “cool masks” and open up with one another. Through the sessions, the participants put their own stories into spoken word format and were encouraged to share them with the group. Stories of struggle surfaced ranging from leaving their home countries in conflict to personal issues such as bullying.

A particularly memorable moment was when one young man, who typically had a hard time focusing on the sessions, suddenly became serious and began asking deep questions about how to deal with the conflict he was experiencing in his own life. As the whole group intently listened to the discussion, we were encouraged to see that they saw this as a safe place to share and learn from one another.

A second memorable experience was when a 10-year-old girl from Jordan shared with us her poem that she wrote about deepening her understanding of her country of origin and her roots.

I am from reading time with my grandmother
I always felt warm and safe like a turtle in a shell.

I am from cooking lessons with my mother
I can still smell the kitchen – fresh spices, and something cooking on the stove.
Her hands looked like they were dancing around the kitchen.|

I am from a country that is still at war.
I feel sadness in my heart when I think about it.
I hope in my heart of hearts that one day it will be over.



Reported by Charis Miller and Rachel Bueckert; photos from MCCS.


For more info or to help support the ongoing work with kids and youth in Meadowgreen, contact Kaytee Edwards at / 306-665-2555.

Reposted from Raise The Peace blog; this story also appeared previously in Canadian Mennonite. Used by permission.