Never Too Late

Hope for Addictions

Real stories from an award-winning documentary, Finding Hope in Recovery: Families Living with Addictions, which aired earlier on ABC-TV and the Hallmark Channel, and from the Shaping Families radio program.

Never Too Late: Hope for Addictions tackles the scourge ripping families apart and plaguing communities. These spots:

  • Offer brief glimpses into the lives, experiences, and thoughts of those struggling with addictions.
  • Embolden those with addictions to launch or continue a life of recovery.
  • Encourage listeners to reach out with care and compassion to families fighting addictions.
  • Go far beyond a typical “anti-drug” or “drug war” campaign to emphasize the connections with family, friends, and colleagues that are so important in overcoming addictions.


Early drinking

Addictive perfect storm

It’s Never Too Late

Drugs and Adolescence

Binge Drinking

Something Wrong

People Say I’m Scummy

Way to Cope

One Day at a Time

Still Angry

Son is a Drug Addict

Not My Son

Zero Tolerance

Mom’s View

Know Your Chances

I Existed

Moment of Clarity

Teen Drinking and Driving

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