What are the basic ‘Peace Church’ beliefs?

1. God deserves our ultimate loyalty and trust. Therefore:

  • We try to obey God even when that brings us into conflict with governments, employers, advertisers’ demands.
  • Our security lies only with God.

2. God calls us to imitate Jesus, the Prince of Peace. So, we wish to:

  • Love our enemies.
  • Seek justice.
  • Be willing to suffer for truth.

3. Love is active, not passive. We want to show love by:

  • Serving others.
  • Offering mercy and forgiveness.
  • Seeking justice.
  • Seeking reconciliation; working at mediation in relationships (family, community, and international).
  • Taking risks as God calls and the community of faith affirms.

4. God created all people and Jesus died for all. Therefore:

  • Each person is of high value.
  • We wish to love all people.
  • We seek to love people above possessions and national interest.

5. Because Jesus’ kingdom is present and future:

  • We don’t seek revenge.
  • It is God’s job, not ours, to punish evildoers.
  • Our hope is in the future kingdom.
  • We pray to base actions on a vision of the future in which people from all nations come together to worship God.

6. Peace involves all of life:

  • Economics.
  • Job decisions.
  • How we take care of the earth.
  • Our concern for people in all life circumstances.

Christians are to follow Christ, to love unconditionally, to avoid sin, and to take risks. God’s grace is the source of our peace work.